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Providing complete visibiltyto collaborating artists and labels and backed by two assistance units, one operating in Europe and the other in the United States, we take pride in our robust data processing capabilities and assistance.

Diverging from typical platforms, we also reach out to Asia, expanding our reach across continents.

Our services transcend boundaries!

Spread your music across hundreds of global stores

• Effortless point-and-click royalty administration
• Access millions of new listeners
• Uncover your next major talent
• Premier support on a global scale

The optimal choice tailored to your needs

For independent record labels, navigating the process of getting your music onto top online stores can be arduous and time-intensive. Label Engine's distribution service simplifies this process, offering greater control while saving you both time and money. Whether your label is small or large, and regardless of where you are in your career journey, Middle Tone is here to assist you in achieving your objectives.



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Because YOU really are.

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Because YOU really are.

a star

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