The distribution process

The distribution procedure is streamlined with Middletone Distribution, catering to artists at every stage of their career. Reach global audiences by selling your music on platforms like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. Simply create a complimentary account, upload your files, and choose the platforms for distribution. Automated systems handle revenue collection for your downloads and streams, ensuring seamless profit tracking. Retain 100% ownership of your music with no associated fees.

What services do we provide?

Official partner

We are an official partner, having forged direct agreements with the foremost streaming platforms in the market.

No lock-in

There are no contractual obligations. You have the freedom to join or depart at your discretion. It's entirely your decision.

100% ownership

You retain complete ownership of all your content indefinitely. We make no claims to any of it.

Full transparency

We provide complete transparency by displaying all revenues in your Middletone Account, ensuring nothing is concealed.


Our distribution service extends beyond Europe and America, reaching the largest music platforms and stores worldwide, including DSPs in Asia.

Our download and
streaming partners

Our network of download and streaming partners spans every portal across the globe. By distributing your music to these platforms, we ensure your fans can access your songs from anywhere in the world.
# JOIN # 200 DSPs.


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